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Our Mission

To promote The City of Dillon, South Carolina through innovation, preservation, economic development, and tourism.

The purpose for which this corporation is organized are to stimulate the commercial district in Dillon, South Carolina through:

  1. Membership – encouraging cooperation and building relationships in the community

  2. Promotion – creating a positive image for the city by promoting it as an exciting place to live, shop, visit and invest.

  3. Design – improving the appearance of the City of Dillon while encouraging the preservation of the historic structures and the compatibility of improvements with the historic appearance of the City of Dillon.​

Dillon Community Alliance is a non-profit organization based in Dillon, South Carolina.


Our board consists of nine members who have a passion for moving this city forward by providing a quality of life, activities, and opportunities for our current and future residents.​

DCA is a Mainstreet USA Member.

[The DCA group is a liaison to the City of Dillon. We are not employed by the City.]

Link to Our Bylaws

2020-2022 Board members

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Stephanie mitchell



In 2014, I moved to Dillon with my husband who got a job at McLeod Dillon Hospital. My early years here were devoted to raising my boys including two from Dillon that we later adopted. After all my kids were done with school, I became a bored housewife and mother who decided to open a boutique to make friends. Little did I know what that boutique would lead meto do. Not only did I make friends, I built a thriving business and a service for our community. Later, I ranfor city council and created a non-profit. My husband and I decided to plant our business on Main Street because we wanted to be part of growing this city. We decided early on that God had blessed us with so much that we needed to share and make the city that we chose to live in the best it could be. This is why I serve my community in any way I can, first through my business Gigi's & Doc's and now through Dillon Community Alliance (DCA). I am often over-passionate about everything that I do, but I love this city and will always do what I can to continue to see it prosper. DCA is dedicated to making Dillon a great place to live, work and play. The city of Dillon has so much untapped potential and I want others to see all the good things our small (but mighty) town has to offer, and make Dillon their home.

steve johnson



My main reason for becoming involved with Dillon Community Alliance, in one word, is "Family". My wife and I not only have commercial property investment but also have our oldest 2 children working in Downtown Dillon and are doing great. My youngest son helps his grandfather with a Downtown Dillon business, Feed and  Farm store. I love having my family, especially my grandchildren, near by and also thriving. We have "skin in the game" for sure, so we need for Dillon to be great for uy which is great for all residents as well. Your Downtown is the nucleus for your entire community so it should be impressive! I have pledged my time with DCA to make that happen!

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Danielle headshot.jpg




Vice President and Co-Owner of Braddy Insurance located at 300 W Harrison St in Dillon


My objective as an insurance agent is to help protect the financial wellbeing of my clients. I believe that having a clean and updated downtown can only contribute to the financial wellbeing of the City of Dillon and its residents. I would love to see diverse and prosperous commerce in our city; one that offers the residents small business opportunities as well as places for us to eat and shop. The members of DCA are passionate about making our city the best it can be, and I am proud to be a part of that effort.

MEREDITH coleman



Born and raised right here in Dillon, SC, I have a vested interest in the future of our city. My husband and I have property on Main Street, as well as other business endeavors in the country. We have two boys who will grow up here in Dillon, SC, which is why I decided to become involved as a board member of Dillon Community Alliance. I want my boys to have a place to be proud to raise their family here, one day. We, DCA, want to make our downtown a great place to visit, shop, and gather as a "community." The heart of a small town is its Downtown! n 

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 5.37.26 PM.png



Laurel is a native of Dillon and works as an attorney for SCDSS with a previous career focus in real estate. She is married to Joe Hayes of Latta, and they have one child, Nash, who enjoys preschool, feeding the farm animals, and riding tractors. Laurel believes that Dillon can and will be a lively, fun, and welcoming town full of small-town shopping, unique restaurants, and beautiful artwork (three of her favorite things), and she joined the board of DCA to help make that vision come to life.




I'm Phillip Kale. I was born and raised in Dillon, SC and raised my daughter and son right here as well. As a business and property owner here (Kale's Trucking), I want to see Dillon thrive, meet, and exceed all of it's potential. I want to be a part of the upward rise of our beloved city, which is why I chose to serve on the board of DCA. As a community, we have the power to bring forth change and change starts with us. We want Dillon to become the best it can be for everyone in our community. 

Sarah Headshot.JPG



A Dillon County native, I am a third-generation real estate agent working at Dillon Realty Inc located in Downtown Dillon. I recently served on the Board of Directors for the Pee Dee Realtor Association. My professional goal is to put together the right property with the right buyer and have both parties walk away from the transaction happy and satisfied. For Dillon County, my goal is to help the county attract businesses and industry which will help all our people live happier and more prosperous lives. I truly believe this starts at the heart of Dillon, our downtown.




Owner & President of Ace Hardware of Dillon located at 205 West Main St Dillon

Growing up in Dillon, I have fond memories of shopping downtown Dillon. I
moved back home in 1998 and in 2000 I purchased the downtown hardware
store. Even after the revitalization efforts in the early 2000’s, which greatly
improved infrastructure, Dillon faced similar adversities as most downtowns
across our nation. Being part of the City’s Downtown Development Committee,
a group of us realized that forming a non-profit could be a great asset to work in
conjunction with our city government. After a year of research and meeting with
other non-profits in nearby towns, Dillon Community Alliance was born. Our
goal is to revitalize our great city with the main focus on downtown Dillon.

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Ashley Webster


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